Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood

Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood is one of the premium firewood’s available.

Dried to an average of <18% moisture content so it is suitable for immediate use.


Kiln Dried Logs Ready To Be Netted

Why Burn Kiln Dried Ash HardWood?

Some Of The Benefits Are

  • Great Fuel Efficiency.
  • Greater Heat Output Than Seasoned & Unseasoned Wood.
  • Less Problems with Flue and Stoves.
  • Less Moisture.
  • More Economical.
  • Carbon Neutral.
  • The main reason why to buy and use kiln dried ash logs is that you always know what you’re getting – logs that have being placed in a large heat and humidity controlled kiln and left for days until the moisture content reaches the desired levels – normally less than 20%. The incredibly high temperatures of the kiln combined with the low humidity draws the moisture out of the logs quickly and effortlessly.When buying seasoned logs, you have to take the processors word that they’re “seasoned”, which is an ambiguous term which unfortunately means very little. They could have air-dried for 6 months or 3 years, and you’ll never know unless you test the logs yourself with a moisture meter before purchasing – including splitting the logs and checking the internal moisture content, which can differ far greatly in seasoned logs due to the nature of traditional air-dried logs; they don’t release their internal moisture as easily as when kiln dried, and logs that measure 20% on the outside could be 40% and wet on the inside.

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